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FAQ's > Billing Related

1.What is the various collection agencies available in apepdcl?

The collection agencies available in APEPDCL are as follows:

  • AP Online centers
  • Online Payment
  • Any Time Payment (ATP) Machine
  • ECS Facility i.e. Auto pay from Bank account.
  • Any E-seva/ RSDP center (within the District)
  • CSCs at District Head Quarters, Rajahmundry, Bhimavaram & Narsapuram
  • Rajiv EPDCL Centers at Section Office Premises.
  • Volunteers sponsored by Lions Club and Rotary Clubs and other service Organizations (available at few places only).
2.What are the various components of my bill?

Please visit the following link to view various components of you bill

3.How do i view my current bill on the web portal?
  • To view your current bill, customer needs to select View Your Bill under Customer Services on the home page.
  • The customer needs to enter the service number as shown in the current bill.
5.How can i get duplicate bill?

Visit your concerned ERO office or login through our website for getting Duplicate bill

6.Is partial payment of bill allowed?

No, Partial payment of bill is not allowed.

7.Can i pay bills through outstation cheques?

No. Outstation cheques are not allowed.

8.Can we pay in excess of bill amount?

Yes, you can pay excess of bill amount.

10.My meter is tested ok but i still feel my bill is rather high. what should i do?

Please check your wiring/installations properly through a certified electrician.

If still problem persist you may Register your complaint at concerned CSC by paying necessary charges.

11.My meter is stuck up but huge amount of bill is given?

In case of meter stuck, average of 3 months consumption when the meter is in working condition will be considered for billing.

The defective meter will be replaced immediately.

12.Bill is issued under doorlock with excess amt. even though consumption is less

In case of Door lock previous consumption will be billed.

The excess amount if any will be adjusted in next month bill after taking the reading.

13.What should i do if i do not receive my bill?

Register your complaint in CSC or obtain Duplicate bill from CSC or by using the online facility.

14.What should i do if wrong reading is taken by the meter reader?

Register your complaint in CSC along with furnishing present meter reading.

15.What is fsa?

FSA stands for Fuel Surcharge Adjustment : Any increase in cost of power generated due to increase in cost of fuel used is charged to the EPDCL by the generator. EPDCL has to inturn collect the same from the consumers. The collection of FSA is done as per "FSA Order" issued by APERC and the rate is determined by the APERC after conducting Public hearing. For APERC approved FSA rates click here.

16.I got very high bill in november, 2012. why?

During November, 2012, in addition to the regular monthly current consumption charges for the last month, FSA amount for electricity consumption during April, 2012 at the rate of Rs.1.32 and for electricity consumption during May, 2010 at the rate of Rs.0.15 is also charged. Please check the no.of units consumed in each of the above months.